Frequently Asked Questions of Yogiez. Question not answered – Feel free to get in contact!

Do I need to make a reservation for the yoga classes?

Yes. Please make a reservation for the yoga class you would like to attent. For the outdoor locations you can make your reservation here. For the indoor location please make your reservation at IslandGym.nl.

What if it's raining the day of the yoga class on the outdoor locations Terschelling?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather. On the outdoor locations Strand Paviljoen Kaap Hoorn and Strand Paviljoen West aan Zee on Terschelling we can’t practice yoga when it’s raining. If the weather Apps predict rain you will get informed the day before the class. Please make sure you fill in your correct phone number when you make a reservation.

What is the difference between the yoga styles?

Vinyasa yoga is a more active yoga style, like a flow. We use our breath to flow through the postures. Hatha yoga is a more basic style of yoga with more static holds in the postures. Yin yoga is a calm form of yoga, like a meditative form of movements with longer holds in the postures (3-5min).

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

No. On all locations on Terschelling (indoors and outdoors) Yogiez provides all the yoga materials. Off course if you like to practice with your own mat feel free.

I never practiced yoga before, can I join?

Yes! All levels are welcome in the yoga of Yogiez. As well in the offline as online yoga and meditation.

I would like a 10-ride discount card, where can I get it?

How wonderful you would like to attend more yoga classes! Please get in contact so we can arrange your 10-ride discount card.

We are with a group and would like to do yoga at our location, is this possible?

Yes! Yogiez provides yoga for groups on location. All the yoga materials are provided. Please get in contact and we have a look at the possibilities.

I would like to have a private class, is this possible?

Yes! In private classes we can work on the topics you would like to have a closer look at. Please get in contact and we have a look at the possibilities.